By the Light of the Maharal

Studying the weekly parshah and the lessons of the festivals through the lens of the Maharal’s teachings opens our eyes to a new, altogether different panorama that is startling in its originality and spectacular in its beauty. The new light it sheds enables us to uncover profound, multicolored, and novel layers of meaning. This book represents an attempt to provide the reader with a glimpse of this wondrous illumination, which will make Shabbos truly pleasurable, be a source of real festival joy, and provide a vivid and exciting learning experience!


“It is rare to see wide-ranging topics explained with such amazing depth and scope.”

HaRav Baruch Mordechai Ezrachi shlita


“This sefer is of great benefit to all who yearn to understand and know by the light of the Maharal’s wonderful and profound teachings.”

HaRav Dovid Cohen shlita